The Grief Journey

Rowan aged 19

I sometimes think that Row was put on this earth to disperse happiness and make people feel better about themselves. He lived his life to the fullest without wasting a minute. If someone had of said to him “Row, you’ve only got 19 years so make the most of it” he wouldn’t have been able […]

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Peter aged 18

Peter is my baby. He is the much-loved younger brother of Emily and Jacob. His passion is to make people laugh and strangle his Dad as much as possible! Peter’s sole focus was to be with his family and love life! He did both. Peter was 6’5’’ of gorgeousness. This sounds like the words of

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Teina aged 17

Teina has a zest for life. He’s described by his Mum, Debbie as respectful, fun loving, much-loved and super-talented. He was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia at the age of 16 ½ and passed away on 17th August 2016, a month before his 18th birthday. Teina Lee Terei is the youngest of three boys, his

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Michael aged 20

This is a very jumbled, scrambled piece of writing that I don’t even recall doing; very shortly after my son’s accident.  I’ve chosen to publish this as it is because I think for anyone reading this who is in the immediate aftermath of a sudden death of their child, it may help you understand that

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Jess aged 16

Allow me to introduce Jessica Grace O’Keeffe – our only child.   Jess is beautiful, funny, kind, popular, highly intelligent and utterly and totally adored by us and the rest of her family and friends.   This girl lights up a room when she walks in, laughs loudly, adores nature and is hugely talented. Jess is quirky,

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